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Improve British English Accent
Do you have a hard time pronouncing certain sounds in English? Do you believe that it’s nearly impossible to improve your accent?There’s just something about the British accent – a romance, the tingle of a lost time, that out-dated but oh-so-delectable lilt [pleasant accent]. The Queen’s English accent has long […]

How to Improve British English Accent

Making Mistakes when Speaking English
How many of us have died of embarrassment when given the opportunity to speak English in class or in front of a stranger? Many non-native English speakers cut themselves off when they start speaking Shakespeare’s language because of shyness and fear, because they might make a fool of themselves, or because they feel insecure, uncomfortable, or even frustrated. And even though these fears are […]

How to Conquer Your Fear of Making Mistakes when Speaking ...

Happy shopping woman greeting friend on street
The first moments of an interaction you have with someone are crucial because they set the tone for the conversation to follow. If you start a conversation doubting yourself and unsure of what you’re saying this will effect your performance for the rest of the conversation. But if you can […]

Other Ways to Say “Hello” in English

Making a Great First Impression
Making a great first impression in English is very important as you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The beauty of first impressions is that we already know 3 things that are going to happen in the conversation, a greeting/hello, an introduction, and a goodbye/farewell. Greetings […]

Making a Great First Impression